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I'm am constantly adding new pictures so keep checking back. For more info: http://dalehallphotoartistry.com http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/dale-hall.html

If you are interested in purchasing anything please contact me by email.

FYI - Yes, these are photographs but some have been enhanced by adding layers from another image to make it a composite photo.

You can customize my pictures according to your taste or budget. Discount prices for multiples of one or several purchased at once. Display options: Custom or standard framed, canvas wraps, plaques, standouts, off the wall, metal, glass, or sprayed with pro texture spray to hang without glass. Schedule an appt. to view different display options. Personalized gifts such as mugs, t-shirts, plaques, greeting cards, etc. are also available.

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Winter Beauty

Updated: Mar 10, 2015 9:28am PST

inspired by Anne Geddes

Updated: Feb 26, 2015 3:54pm PST

Recent Prices Creek

Updated: Jun 06, 2014 8:01am PST

Queen Anne Marina

Updated: Jun 06, 2014 8:01am PST


Updated: Oct 11, 2014 9:40am PST

Recent Misc. Dog Shots

Updated: Mar 14, 2015 7:46am PST

Blackwater Refuge

Updated: Jun 06, 2014 8:02am PST

Misc. Dog Shots

A collection of dog shots taken over the years.

Updated: Feb 10, 2014 6:07am PST

Chesapeake Family Magazine Cover

Updated: Apr 10, 2014 3:36pm PST

Gunner Goes Fishing

Updated: Nov 18, 2014 7:44am PST

A Labs Life

A Labs Life

Updated: Jun 06, 2014 8:02am PST

Mommy & Me

A video of a mommy and her newborn.

Updated: Jan 22, 2013 7:12am PST

Dock Dogs Eastern Regional at Wisp

Updated: Dec 17, 2012 7:38am PST

Waterfowl Fest,. Dock Dogs, Black Labs

Black Labradors in Dock Dog Events, Waterfowl Festival 2012

Updated: Jan 17, 2013 10:29am PST

Waterfowl Fest., Dock Dogs, Chocolate Labs

Updated: Feb 07, 2013 6:49am PST

Waterfowl Dock Dogs, Yellow Labs

Updated: Jan 17, 2013 11:03am PST

Waterfowl Fest 2012, Youth

Updated: Dec 09, 2012 10:58am PST

Misc. Dock Dogs Waterfowl Festival 2012

Updated: Jan 21, 2013 5:58pm PST

Surf Baby

Updated: Nov 28, 2012 12:05pm PST

Hatch, Pointer

Updated: Dec 04, 2012 6:36pm PST

German Shorthaired Pointer

Updated: Dec 05, 2012 10:40am PST

Chesapeake Retrievers

Updated: Jan 15, 2013 5:07pm PST

for me

Updated: Dec 12, 2012 11:01am PST


Updated: Feb 06, 2013 1:28pm PST

Am I Dreaming?

Updated: May 02, 2013 8:20am PST


Updated: Jun 10, 2013 10:29am PST

gift certificate

Updated: Jul 09, 2013 9:32am PST


Updated: Jul 18, 2013 8:47am PST

Jewel and Zeke's 1st day in Chesapeake

Updated: Jul 26, 2013 1:03pm PST


Updated: Mar 24, 2014 7:26am PST

Little Surfer Boy

Updated: Nov 02, 2012 12:14pm PST

Fallin in Love

Updated: Oct 30, 2013 12:45pm PST

Christmas Cards

Updated: Nov 08, 2013 8:19am PST


Updated: Jun 06, 2014 8:03am PST


Updated: Jun 16, 2014 11:31am PST

Gone Fishing

Updated: Jul 24, 2014 8:55am PST


Updated: Jan 13, 2015 6:23am PST

Custom Designs

Updated: Mar 14, 2015 8:05am PST


Updated: Jan 30, 2015 11:34am PST