Dale Hall

Dale Hall

To purchase: email - chesapeakepics@gmail.com

When you click on an album click once again if several pics don't pop up. Read more...use scroll on right.
For more info: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/dale-hall.html
If you are interested in purchasing anything please contact me by email:
or https://www.facebook.com/DaleHallPhotoArtistry

FYI - I can make you a 5 by 7 personalized card out of any of these pics for $6.00. Allow 1 week for delivery to me and then however many days the USPS takes depending on where you are. If you are on Kent Island you can pick up from me.

FYI - Yes, these are photographs but some have been enhanced by adding layers from another image to make it a composite photo.

You can customize my pictures according to your taste or budget. Discount prices for multiples of one or several purchased at once. Display options: Custom or standard framed, canvas wraps, plaques, standouts, off the wall, metal, glass, or sprayed with pro texture spray to hang without glass. Schedule an appt. to view different display options. Personalized gifts such as mugs, t-shirts, plaques, greeting cards, etc. are also available.